Animal Rights

What’s the deal with Animal Rights?


The concept of rights for animals is simple. The most basic right of a sentient being, whether they are human or any other animal, is the right to not be someone else’s property.

Being the property of another means that you are treated as a resource; your only value is that which your owner places on you.

When it comes to other animals, being the property of humans means that they can be tortured and killed in the name of profit – whether it is being imprisoned and mutilated on farms, exploited in zoos, circuses and rodeos or poisoned for a new detergent or mascara.

The economic interests of the property owner always outweigh the interests of the property, even when this interest is to avoid suffering, to be free from exploitation or even, simply, to live.

As long as other animals are considered property both in law and mainstream opinion they will never be free from exploitation. Just as we oppose the exploitation of humans, Animal Rights Advocates Inc. opposes the exploitation of other animals. Whilst there is suffering and injustice in the world we will never be at peace.


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