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Where can I get legal advice on an animal issue?

We are an activist organisation so we cannot provide legal advice. We also do not conduct investigations. There are various areas of law that affect animals:

  • Family law issues (i.e. custody over dogs, cats, other companion animals) – contact Legal Aid or your local community legal centre for free/cheap advice.
  • Criminal law issues (i.e. witnessing animal cruelty, being arrested as an activist) – contact Legal Aid or your local community legal centre for free/cheap advice.
  • Local government/council issues (i.e. complaints about your dog, if your dog attacks someone, your dog being impounded, etc) – contact Legal Aid or your local community legal centre for free/cheap advice.
  • Tenancy issues (i.e. being evicted due to having a dog) – Tenancy WA is a specialist community legal centre that provides advice to tenants.

Note that you may need to meet eligibility criteria to receive free or cheap legal advice.

You may also be able to access free advice through the Law Access’ Pro Bono Service.

Private lawyers
You can also contact a private lawyer – contact the Law Society of Western Australia who will provide three different legal practice details when you specify the area of law:
Phone: (08) 9324 8600
Email: info@lawsocietywa.asn.au

Want to report animal cruelty?
Report cruelty to the WA Police (131 444 for non-emergencies) or the RSPCA – both have enforcement powers under animal cruelty legislation.

How can I adopt a companion or farmed animal?

Sanctuaries/Adopting Rescued Farmed Animals

Hen-specific advice:
Some people report having adopted hens from the RSPCA, so that could be a good starting point. You may also find information about “hens looking for a good home” via the Quokka, Freecycle, Gumtree or the classifieds section of newspapers.

Other people report purchasing the hens directly from farms. These two Perth-based farms were mentioned in particular but you might be able to find others closer to your area using the Yellow Pages:

Crosilva Poultry Farm
255 Midland Rd, Hazelmere WA 6055, Australia
(08) 9274 5561

Swan Valley Egg Farm
600 Cheltenham St, West Swan WA 6055
ph: (08) 9274 2502

You will need to have some way to transport the hens, like some pet packaging or carry cages. The transition from such a stressful environment (the farm) can also be very hard on individual hens so they will need extra care initially. This Queensland-based webpage offers some advice, although we can’t vouch for its accuracy.

Adopting companion animals (not farmed animals)

How can I interact with animals ethically?

A wonderful way to interact with animals in nature is go out and see them in the wild, or visit a conservation site. Ideas include:

  • Bird watching. Some good places include Lake Monger, Herdsman Lake, Tomato Lake, and Bibra Lake. You may enjoy taking a book or pamphlet of WA birds, and crossing off the species you spot. Visit the BirdLife website for more information on bird watching.
  • Visit Penguin Island. There are little fairy penguins on the island, and a conservation centre where you can watch them play and being fed – it is purely for conservation purposes. The ferry also takes people over to observe Seal Island, where you can see the Sea Lions relaxing on the beach. For more details, see the Penguin Island website.
  • Visit a wildlife rescue such as Kanyana Wildlife. They run tours catered to children about the wildlife they are rehabilitating. For details, visit the Kanyana Wildlife website.